About ME 

In late 2015 Andrea began selling and exhibiting her art for the first time. She is influenced by both stark monochromatic color and bold color application in non-traditional forms. The contrast and texture of an object lead to the technique she chooses to create the work. It's either less is less or more is more. Either way her work is meant to strike a nerve, illicit a memory, impact a space. A self-proclaimed #liquidartaddict Andrea creates in resin, ink, watercolor, oil, encaustic and recently completed a series of earrings fashioned by combining precious metals and paper.

Andrea has lived all over the country including a 1 year stint abroad. This exposure to landscapes, climates, food & fashion has influenced her art and spawned endless creativity. She recently returned to her hometown of Upstate New York, after 28 years, and lives in a home she fantasized about in her childhood. Never say never! Make an appointment to see my paintings and other artsy-stuff in the Log Cabin in Irondequoit. Thanks for peeping!


2018 - Clothesline Festival - Memorial Art Gallery     
           Rochester, NY
2018 - Corn Hill Arts Festival, Rochester, NY
2017 - Curtis Center For The Arts, Greenwood Village, CO
         - “35th Annual All Colorado Show” - Resin Painting
2017 - 3Square Art Gallery - “COLOR” - Fort Collins, CO -
2017 - Crossland Art Gallery, El Paso, TX - 6x2 D luxe
         Members Show - 5 Watercolor on Yupo.
2017 - New Mexico Art League - "Black & White" Show - 3
         Ink & Watercolor Juried by Buffy Nelson.
2017 - El Paso Community College, TX - "Celebrating Lives
        of Women Artists" Exhibit. March 21-April 3rd, Award-
       winning Fall 1 and Rebel Aspens on exhibit. Juried by
       Karla Zanelli.
2016 - Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery - “Seasons
         2016” Painting Category - Juried by John R. Math
2016 - Nature Inspired: Autumn, 2016 (Publication) NY, NY
         - 3 paintings (Orange tree, Untitled Fall, Untitled Fall
         Juried by Christine Agro
2016 - CORE New Art Space Gallery - Denver, CO The
          "RED" Show - Red & Black Juried by Deb Courtney
2016 - Fare Bella Gallery-Manitou Springs,CO  
2016 - Angel Concept - Littleton, CO - consignment
2016 - Bluebird Gallery - Denver, CO - First Friday artist
2015 - Fare Bella Gallery-Manitou Springs,CO-Emerging
         Artist Show 2 paintings Juried by Lorraine Danzo;
         Cactus Cousins, Morning Glory (sold)

Collections - Public & Private - Global

2016 - "Seasons 2016" - Light Space & Time Art Gallery
*Special Recognition (Orange Tree)
*Special Merit (Untitled - Fall 1) - Juried by John R. Math